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Fully managed private data with
voice and Internet communication
systems all on the same network.

Fiber Network

Quality & Value with our advanced
Technology with Compatability


Northland's high-speed Internet access puts a world of information at your employees' fingertips.

Your business will experience all the speed, functionality, and connectivity it needs with Northland Communications' comprehensive broadband Internet services. Improve your employees' productivity with the power of a custom-configured Internet plan featuring Northland's value and flexibility.

Northland has a wide range of options and special features for delivering enterprise class bandwidth to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Northland's Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is offered with high-speed rates from 128K to 100MB or more through copper, fiber optics and wireless connection options. Let Northland work with your company to find the best way to deliver the right amount of bandwidth.

We evaluate your needs and deliver a plan unparalleled in value and flexibility. Our start-to-finish Internet packages include installation and configuration of the hardware we supply. We work as a team with your technical staff during installation and conduct thorough testing. Our experts provide full support and ongoing monitoring, including recommendations of new offerings to meet your changing communications needs.

Additionally, our Internet access is networked with multiple high-speed links to the Internet to assure uninterrupted service. Instant access, ease of use and complete dependability, enable Northland Internet services to enhance your staff's efficiency and output.

Northland also provides a fully managed router at the customer location that provides a simple Ethernet connection for your network.