IP Office + Business Unlimited Training

At Northland, we make sure that we equip our clients with the tools and training they need to successfully use IP Office. As part of the installation process, we provide classroom style training to ensure that our customers maximize their experience. Educating our clients on how to leverage their investment in their communications system is a top priority for us and is what makes us unique. As a business owner, this allows you to maximize your ROI and get the most out of IP Office.

Our training includes phone and voicemail usage as well as administrative practice. You’ll learn the basics of the phone system and how to manage it.

Each training session is customized to meet the needs of your staff. Training is provided before installation so that everyone from the office manager to the CEO is familiar with the system, fast-tracking a smooth transition to an already easy-to-use system.

After installation, our trainers provide site coverage to answer any questions. Online training videos are also available.

Contact us and schedule IP Office training today!