Powering Life-Changing Connections

ACR Health needed a telecom solution that would grow with them and provide greater connectivity.

They found that – and more – with Northland.





“When you buy into a business, you buy into a partnership. We want to work with companies that understand and care about what we do, not just ones who can provide something to us. We want companies to partner with us and that’s exactly what we got in Northland.”

-Wil Murtaugh, Excecutive Director 


The Solution You Need.
The Partner You Want.

To truly make an impact on your community, you must be connected to it. You must be in tune with the challenges people are facing, knowledgeable about the resources available to them, and relentless in the pursuit of effecting positive change. The impact ACR Health has made in Central New York over the last 35 years is one of the greatest testaments to that principle.

With Northland’s hosted solution, Business Unlimited, ACR Health employees are able to work in the field, servicing residents across nine counties, without ever having to worry about missing an important call from a donor or client.

“It’s amazing how the new system allows us to be so mobile. It really has moved with us like we need to move. Donors are so important to our business and, when a donor calls, you need to be ready to take that call. We can actually have our team members out in the field servicing clients and receiving calls at the same time,” said Murtaugh.



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