High-Performance, Security + Redundancy
Over the Internet




Cloud-Based Technology

+ Improve data security

+ Boost reliability and performance for all your private and public cloud applications

End-to-End Encryption

+ Keeps your data private

+ Increase security with built-in encryption capabilities

Dynamic Path Selection

+ Chooses the best routes for your applications

+ Combines multiple Internet connections


+ Ability to be Redundant and Diverse

+ Optimizes network connections over the Internet to connect businesses near and far


We challenge you to find a better solution than Northland!

 + Redundancy  Automated failover for locations with multiple Internet connections
 + Private Network Hybrid  SD-WAN compliments or replaces VPN, MPLS or point-to-point networks
 + Experience  We have more than 100 years of experience providing the latest communications technology
 + Local  We know the Central New York region better than anyone.


Ongoing 24/7/365 Support

Our SD-WAN expertise for design, install and ongoing 24/7/365 support is top notch. With Northland, you will also receive our flexibility to solve problems and our rigorous determination to get it done on time, every time, to your schedule.  Give us a call today to see what Northland can do for you!

Optimized Business. Do more with SD-Wan.

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