NPS: Customer Feedback Inspiring Positive Change

Written by: Marissa Filletti, Marketing Specialist

A few years ago, Northland implemented what’s known as the Net Promotor System (NPS), a surveying system that helps us gauge how happy or unhappy our customers are using one, simple question: “Based on your overall experience with Northland, how likely are you to recommend us to your business network?”

This survey is unlike any other we’ve deployed because it’s designed to help our team take actionable steps towards improving the customer experience. Of course, we would love to see high scores from all customers; but having the opportunity to mend negative experiences is where the magic of the Net Promotor System happens. It’s what helps us improve and, ultimately, what makes us better.

Our team reads each and every response, closes the loop with customers when needed, and uses your feedback to drive positive change. Here are just a few improvements we made as a result of our last NPS survey:

“We changed our IP Office upgrade process based on NPS feedback from customers,” said Steve Wells, Director of Field Operations. “Customers are now constantly updated with the status of their project through increased communications with our service and technical support teams. We’ve also increased the level of research and testing that we do pre and post upgrade to help the process run more smoothly and ensure success.”

“Since we started NPS, we launched our “Culture of Service” initiative, which has changed the way we operate on a daily basis,” said Brian Healey, Chief Operating Officer. “This project is ever-evolving, but NPS pushed us to define our core values, set expectations and timelines for customer service, and improve our communications based on customer preferences.” 

If you receive one of our upcoming surveys, we would really appreciate you taking the time to complete it. It’s quick, easy, and your feedback matters.

These surveys are easy to spot. You will see “the ultimate question,” accompanied by a 0-10 rating scale. 






We thank you in advance, and look forward to our next survey uncovering new opportunities for us to better serve you. If you would like to learn more about NPS, we recommend reading Fred Reichheld’s “The Ultimate Question 2.0.