What is a soft-phone?

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Technology companies across the nation are promoting their solutions to help new remote workers adapt to our new normal. At the forefront of these solutions is video conferencing. Software applications, like Zoom, are being leveraged like never before.

Yet, some businesses still face an uphill battle in terms of their basic communications needs: managing incoming calls, directing those calls to the right person, teams working together in call “hunt groups,” etc.

In a remote setting, the extra steps taken just to connect customers to the right internal resources add up. That’s the beauty of implementing a soft-phone client!

Simply put, a soft-phone is a software application that you download on your laptop, tablet or mobile device. The application essentially turns your device into a phone system, giving you easy access to your team members and making basic tasks, like placing, parking, and transferring calls, easy and seamless.

Our platform, MaX UC, is an all-in-one solution, providing video conferencing, instant messaging, and a soft-phone client.

In addition to improving your remote team’s communication and collaboration, MaX UC gives them greater insight into one another’s status. The soft-phone client integrates with your internal directory and Outlook calendar, giving your employees visibility into their colleagues’ presence information and availability.

This technology is not only powerful, but it’s easy to set up. You just need three things to get started: a reliable internet or data connection, a laptop (or tablet or mobile device), and headphones (optional).  

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