Official Statement Regarding George Floyd

A statement from President James P. McCarthy regarding the unjust killing of George Floyd:

Historically, Northland has not mixed race, religion, and politics with business. For religion and politics, I still believe this is an appropriate strategy. However, the continued killing of black males, George Floyd being the latest, has shown that not being part of the conversation regarding race was both a lack of leadership and courage on my part.  

I want to believe that all people are good and that racism doesn’t exist. But for that to be a reality experienced by all, everyone, including myself, needs to be part of that change and not continue to be a silent bystander.

If we allow ourselves to get caught up in the debate over rioters and looters, democrats vs republicans, we are missing the point and the senseless killing of black males will continue.  That debate conveniently distracts us from facing the uncomfortable truth that, when it comes to racial equality, more work has to be done and, yes, it is our problem to fix.

George Floyd and those that came before him should not have died for their alleged offenses. That point cannot be argued. It is up to us to see that this doesn’t happen again.


James P. McCarthy, President