New Technology to Boost Remote & Office Productivity

Written by: Marissa Filletti, Marketing Specialist

When New York state shut down in March, many local businesses needed to support remote workers for the first time, and turned to Northland for help. We still can’t be certain about what tomorrow will bring, but Northland’s solutions ensure your team is equipped and prepared to work productively anywhere, anytime!

Check out these 3 easy-to-implement tools that help our customers (and team members) switch seamlessly between remote and office work.

+ Video Conferencing

Nothing quite embodies the phrase “our new normal” like video conferencing, and its popularity is likely to stretch far beyond the pandemic. It’s helped teams stay connected, engaged, and collaborative. Even without being in the same room as your team members or customers, you can work together and get things done. Physical seperation can no longer hinder productivity. 

We use MaX Meeting, which allows you to host up to 500-participant video meetings (with no time limits ⏰) and collaborate using features like screen sharing, “raise your hand,” chat, whiteboard, polls, and more.

Adapting to video meetings is easy using platforms like MaX Meeting. You simply download the software (we offer desktop and mobile applications), generate meeting links, invite participants via email, and you’re in business!


+ Phone Software


If your business is like most, managing and directing calls is crucial to operating and serving your customers. For many people, this is the primary reason that they don’t feel productive while working from home. 

Our MaX UC solution is essentially your desk phone in “app” form. Your phone system is programmed in the cloud, you just download the application on your computer or mobile device and connect to the Internet. The soft-phone displays your colleagues and other contacts as well as a dial pad, making it easy to place, transfer, and manage calls. You can also set and see others’ availability with the “Presence” feature, which shows if your team members are online and available, busy, in “Do Not Disturb” mode, or offline. 

Soft-phones, like MaX UC, are easy to implement. In addition to providing greater efficiency, it protects the privacy of your remote workers, so they don’t need to use their personal phones for business. 

+ Instant Messaging

When you’re working remotely, instant gratification can be at a bit of a shortage. You can’t just stop by your boss’s desk to ask a quick question or close the loop on a project with someone at the water cooler. In the remote world, these passing conversations become emails. Those email responses are (naturally) not instantaneous and, ultimately, delayed responses result in productivity taking a hit.

If you notice emails piling up, consider implementing an instant messaging or chat software to keep your team productive. MaX UC doubles as an instant messenger. That’s what we use internally.

There are hundreds of video conferencing, soft-phone, and instant messaging options available to help boost productivity at home and in the office. Our full-suite of communication and collaboration tools, a.k.a. Business Unlimited, can be customized and scaled to meet your needs. Contact us to request a demo today!



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