Out With The Old, In With The New

If you’re one of the many businesses in Central New York that’s still using an old, traditional phone system that operates off a landline, you’re not alone. It’s time ditch the old equipment and technology to take advantage of the new cloud-hosted PBX phone systems that are out there.

What is a hosted PBX phone system?

As business telecommunication technology has evolved, new systems and services like hosted PBX were born. This type of phone system allows small, medium-sized, and enterprise organizations to have a sophisticated telephone system while minimizing the costs for equipment and ongoing maintenance. The provider, (Northland Communications for example), maintains and upgrades your entire telephone system. There’s no need to manage pesky wires or equipment which eliminates installation fees and IT expenses.  

A Hosted PBX system also provides the most flexibility for your business as it allows employees to seamlessly work from remote offices, a hotel, or on their cell phone while remaining connected to the same office telephone system at their desk. Just like a traditional phone system, you can transfer callers, set up conference calls, create custom greetings, add extensions or hold music, plus more.

Key takeaways of Hosted PBX:

  • Your provider “hosts” or operates your telephone system
  • The system works with your existing telephone service, or can completely replace it
  • Runs on many devices, including mobile phones, desk phones, tablets, & PC’s

Old Traditional Phone Systems vs. New Hosted Phone Systems

When comparing old traditional phone systems to new hosted PBX systems, here are some things that are worth taking a look at:

Software Updates

Hosted PBX System: A hosted PBX phone system will automatically download software updates and new features. This means your business phone system will have the most updated version at all times. That brings efficiency and peace of mind to you as a business owner.

Traditional: Each software update has to be manually installed by your IT staff or the provider. Every time this occurs, you will encounter a cost. If you want new features, you’ll have to pay for those too.    


Hosted PBX:  Unlike traditional phone systems, which are limited by the number of users and phone numbers, Hosted PBX Systems grow and expand with your business. You’ll always have the ability to add more lines as your customer base grows.

Traditional: Want to add more lines? That will require your phone system provider to make a (costly) visit, on top of the marked-up equipment charges per line. Older phone systems make it expensive for a company to grow.


Dark Fiber in Central New York from Northland Communications

Hosted PBX: No matter your industry, a secure line should be a top priority. Since your equipment is stored at your provider’s office, you won’t have to worry about hackers getting into your system. Secure data centers are protected by both physical and network controls such as alarm systems and firewalls and 24/7 monitoring.

Traditional: All the equipment and phones are in your office. That means it’s up to you to ensure a safe and secure line. .


Hosted PBX: Today’s workforce is always on the go. Hosted telephone system allows employees to be productive regardless if they are in the main office, remote office, home or mobile on the road. All of this can be accomplished with multiple devices through a desk telephone, PC, tablet or cell phone. Work seamlessly and stay connected, even when traveling internationally.

Traditional: On the road? Pick up your kids? Run an errand? Well, if a customer called you, the best option is for them to leave a message and hope you get back to them.  

There’s a reason we switched from horse and buggy to cars: the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Efficiency, productivity, employee happiness, safety & security…We could go on and on about how the new hosted phone system provides more benefits than your old traditional ones. It’s time to stop living in the past. You (and your customers) will be happy that you did. If you want to learn more about hosted PBX systems download our buyer’s guide, read The Future Of Business Phone Systems, or contact us, we’d be happy to help.