Nortel PBX

Nortel phone system support and service

The Avaya Communications Server 1000 (CS 1000) – formerly known as the Nortel PBX – is a unified communications platform that is scalable up to 150,000 IP users and designed for larger businesses with advanced communication needs. With no single point of failure, this product has the ability to provide an enhanced communications experience. Through this server and cutting edge technology we are able to:

  1. Provide Professional-Grade Business Communications
    1. Automated attendants, conferencing, call forwarding and unified communications
  2. Position for Growth
    1. This scalable and centrally managed solution supports up to 150,000 IP users, 40,000 IP clients, or 20,000 SIP clients per call server.
  3. Offer Continuous Communications
    1. Designed with no single point of failure, and it has campus redundancy, geographic redundancy, and branch survivability.

Northland has been providing and servicing Nortel PBX phone systems for over 40 years. Our locally based technicians are able to support this product successfully because they are experienced with more than just the phone system but rather all aspects of the communications bundle.

Features & Benefits of Nortel Phone System:

Feature Benefit
Unified messaging Consolidating email, voicemail, or faxing into a common platform to contacted as much or as little as you prefer
Location-based emergency services Taken from Avaya website: Intelligent emergency services globally (911) track the location of IP clients and direct calls to the appropriate emergency contact, even if that client is halfway around the world.
Call Center Server Proving skill set based routing and reporting for your call center
Remote worker Ability to have users work anywhere using a desktop phone, IP-based softphone or their mobile device

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