Business Simple

All-Inclusive Business Phone and Internet Bundle

Northland’s Business Simple Bundle offers a complete business phone and Internet solution for small to medium-sized businesses. It offers unlimited domestic calling and a range of Internet bandwidth speeds to match the pace of your business.

Bandwidth speeds start at 75Mb uploads and download speeds and go up to 200Mb upload/download. Unlike other consumer-grade Internet options, our carrier grade bandwidth is dedicated to your business only and is fully symmetrical. This means that your upload and download rates are the same, ensuring optimal performance for today’s business needs. Making the switch is easy and seamless, plus you can even keep your existing phone numbers! Our team will plan and handle every step of the process ensuring that your needs are met and your telecommunications are more powerful than ever. Our local teams can install and support this offering throughout Central New York. Northland’s technicians can solve any issue in a quick, responsive manner as this service is constantly monitored by the local Network Operations Center. Northland has been providing voice data services to CNY since 1905. This invaluable experience shows our longevity and commitment towards the communications industry and we are looking forward to empowering your business growth through our fiber network.

Business Phone and Internet Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Unlimited calling Eliminate monthly bills that vary based on calling patterns, always pay one low rate for lines and nothing for usage
Caller ID Available with or without name delivery, caller ID lets the end user see who is calling before the answer the call
Hunting Allows calls to “rollover” to available lines to ensure all calls are handled without delay
Voicemail Continue to be accessible to your customers when you’re out of the office

Small Business Phone and Internet

Business Simple is perfect for small-to-medium-sized businesses. We understand that every company has different phone and internet needs. That’s why we offer customized small business phone and internet packages. You’ll never pay for more than what you need. Plus, Northland has the capabilities and scalability to make necessary changes to your network as you grow.

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