The Future of Business Phone Systems

If your company is using an outdated phone system that’s running off an old, traditional landline, you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon to hear that businesses are still using phones that are 15 to 20 years old and are fearful of making the switch to something that is more current. Don’t let this fear take over and intimidate you from embracing today’s business communication technology.

The future of business phone systems is now, and there are many exciting features and benefits to look forward to. Listed below are a few things that we believe will propel your company into the future and transform the way your business communicates in 2018.

Hosted Phone Systems & Service

Unlike a traditional phone system which requires an expensive upfront capital investment, ongoing maintenance, and training, a hosted phone system is cloud-based, so it eliminates all of that. There’s no need to buy expensive hardware and software, pay for installation, or manage the system yourself. Once the equipment (phone) is selected, all you need is an internet connection. You just pay a monthly fee and begin enjoying all of the features and benefits of the service.

All of the equipment is housed and maintained by the telecommunications provider– like Northland Communications for example. Upgrades are also something you won’t need to worry about because the provider automatically initiates them. Because everything is managed offsite, installation fees are eliminated, and IT costs reduced. The initial and ongoing cost savings is a key benefit when transitioning to this type of system & service. This option is becoming increasingly popular for today’s growing small to medium-sized business owners. Read more on hosted PBX systems to see if they are a viable option for you.

Unified Communications – That Goes Wherever You Go

Business Unlimited

We understand not all business takes place at the office or your desk and often employees need to connect with each other from remote locations. That’s why achieving unified communications across your organization is critical. Having a phone system and service that can go wherever you go so, you can work seamlessly and stay connected, even when traveling internationally is the way of the future. Being able to accomplish this from multiple devices (desk telephone, PC, tablet or cell phone) is just as important. Business Unlimited is a great example of a phone system & service that provides just that.


In the past, with traditional phone systems, they kept you tied down you to your desks. The phones themselves also require pesky wires and cords to manage and organize. Today’s wireless phone systems, remove the limitations hardware such as trunks, wires and switches with the same high-end features that a company with 2000+ telephones has so you can enjoy HD voice, fax, call forwarding (twinning) and transferring, paging, and a personal conference bridge.


We hope that after reading this, you are inspired to make a change with your phone system and propel your company into the future. There have been many exciting advances in telecommunications technology over the years designed to improve connectivity between you and your customers while solving common business problems. For more information on which options are the best fit for your business, download our buyer’s guide or visit here.