Customer Spotlight | By Northland Communications Team

What’s so sweet about working with Northland?

For those of us who prefer our fruit chocolate-dipped (who doesn’t?), Edible Arrangements has become the premier local destination for special occasions and even on-the-go healthy snacks. Owner Charlie Sexton and his wife, Danielle, own and operate three local franchise locations in Rome, New Hartford, and Clay.

After working with Spectrum for several years and experiencing regular outages, bad customer service, and surprises on their bill, they decided it was time to make the switch to Northland.

The result? It’s been a fruitful partnership if you will.

 Our team recently paid a visit to Edible Arrangements of Rome to check in and learn about how the service we provide directly impacts their bottom line.

“Having a reliable Internet connection is critical for us, I mean it’s absolutely 100% critical,” Charlie said. “Our entire POS system is based on having Internet. If the Internet goes down, we’re done. We can’t take online orders and we can’t process any walk-ins. Having reliable Internet is a #1 priority.”

So, how does our connection really compare to their previous providers?

“This is no exaggeration, since moving to Northland our Internet has been substantially better than with our former provider, which was Spectrum. It wasn’t uncommon and, in fact, we had frequent outages with Spectrum,” said Charlie.

Not only did their former connection lack in reliability, but slow speeds were noticeably starting to impact their day-to-day operations. “The connection was a lot slower with Spectrum,” said Store Manager Nicholas Weber. “Now, we’re able to process orders and cash out customers much quicker.”

In addition to the substantially better service, Charlie stresses that it’s Northland’s support team that brings value that Spectrum never could. “I can’t tell you how many times I’d call into Spectrum and be in a queue forever. I’d have to talk to 3-4 different people before I got to someone who could try to help me resolve my issue,” he said.

“When you’re able to call customer service and talk to a person who responds to your needs immediately, that’s HUGE. When I call Northland, I only talk to one person and my problem is fixed. To me, that’s priceless. Time is money,” Charlie said.

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