Our Fiber Optic Network

Since our founding in 1905, Northland has established itself as a leading
telecom provider in Central New York

High Performing.
Reliable. Locally Owned

We own and maintain over 1,000 miles of fiber-optic cable, with bandwidth speeds up to 10GBPS, through Central New York.

Our fiber-optic network is continuously upgraded and enhanced to improve performance, reliability, and redundancy. Our technicians maintain end-to-end control over our network, allowing us to provide faster response times for our customers.

Fiber Map

Find out if Northland’s regional fiber network is near your place of business

We have over 1,000 miles of fiber serving reliable data, voice, network, and cloud communications services throughout the Central New York region, including many underserved areas. We are constantly reviewing our geography and identifying new service areas.

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 Aerial Fiber
 Buried Fiber
 Builds in Progress
 Aerial Drop
 Buried Drop
 OCRT Boundary