Northland’s VPS hosting offers businesses the capability to replace or enhance their physical servers. 

Virtual private servers add new IT capabilities to your network on demand. Their easy-to-use interface automatically installs and manages your server on Northland’s powerful and secure cloud network. 

Northland’s data centers are built to a high standard that meets the needs of network and computing hardware. Our facilities include conditioned power, HVAC environment, generators, security systems, environmental monitoring, and many other capabilities. We offer redundant, high-capacity internet bandwidth with multiple connections to ensure high availability. Bandwidth can be quickly added to a colocation environment at a reduced cost compared to delivering services to a business location. 

Customers that collocate in Northland’s facilities have extensive options for network access.  

Northland efficiently provides private connectivity to a colocation environment using an existing Northland network connection for voice, MPLS, or internet service. In addition, Northland also offers voice and internet services to your business.

Enhance your online performance with our stable and secure VPS hosting. Northland’s team of expert’s plan, build and manage data centers. Our team will make recommendations on all physical, electrical, and security aspects of your hardware.


What is VPS hosting?
Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a website hosting solution that virtualizes a dedicated server (meaning that you do not control a physical server) and equally shares the resources among the users of that specific server. Its benefits include high stability, better security, and greater performance of your business websites.

This year the team at 2uTEC adopted the Northland Communications Business Unlimited solution. This comes with a very unique application for smart devices called MaxUC that enables communication anywhere. 2uTEC is a true partner of Northland and not another number as we felt with our previous provider. Thank you to the Northland Communications team for their dedication to our partnership.

Damon McClure, Chief Technology Director, 2uTEC

Although we are locally owned, we have access to VOIP services through our national franchisor. We investigated that opportunity but went with Northland due to their outstanding local support. We were not disappointed. They paved the way for a smooth transition to VOIP in our 13 area offices. No question was too big or too small. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a quality product that is supported by smart people who go out of their way to make you successful.

Dave Read, H&R Block

We have used Northland Communications for at least ten years and will never go anywhere else for our phone and internet service. We also use their Business Unlimited solution too! It really allows our team to be mobile and helps us maintain our top-notch customer service too! Thank you Northland Communications for all that you do!

Howard Potter, CEO/Owner, A&P Master Images

Our installation team was outstanding. We appreciate how diligent they were. They made our team feel confident and secure in the work being done. Thank you!

Jenn Farwell, Village of Canastota

Working with Northland has been one of the easiest tasks as a business owner. Their kind and considerate staff have always gone above and beyond when it comes to service. Nothing is as reassuring as calling up when you have a technical issue, immediately getting an actual person, and having them remedy the situation without being transferred multiple times, or getting a supervisor involved. Whenever I speak to other business owners or colleagues, I always recommend Northland as a family-run, local business. I look forward to many more years working with James, Maureen, and their fantastic staff.

Michael Speach, Owner, Speach Family Candy Shoppe

When we formed our firm in 2011, Northland was an easy choice for us—a local provider from our community, attentive and responsive to our needs. Northland will continue to be our valued and trusted partner.

Scott McCartney, CFA, Ascent Wealth Partners



> Firewall with Management interface

> Server Management Panel 

> Firewall and VPN services included


> Increase IT Agility

> Increase Security

> Improve Application Performance

> Upgrade servers with more capacity on demand




> VMWARE Hypervisor Architecture

> Linux and Windows operating systems

> Citrix Cloudstack Cloud Management Platform

> Up to 1Gbps Bandwidth

> MPLS Connectivity available

> Hybrid Option with Rack-IT Colocation

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