Is Your Technology Working for you or against you?

Technology | By Northland Communications Team

Is your Internet connection dedicated to your business?

If you’re currently working with a national provider, you’re likely sharing your Internet bandwidth with businesses around you and only getting “up to” the speeds that you’re paying for. Sharing your internet uring peak usage times, can lead to slower upload/download speeds, compromised video conferencing, and underperforming websites.

Northland offers dedicated fiber Internet, the fastest and most reliable connection available, meaning you never have to worry about sharing bandwidth with your neighbors or your Internet performance being compromised.

Was your phone system custom programmed for your employees?

Modern phone systems have features and functionality that can make your employees more productive and your business run more smoothly. However, if your telecom provider didn’t take the time to get to know your business and employees’ needs, your phone system is probably programmed to do what it’s done since the beginning of time: make and receive phone calls.

It works – it’s not that it doesn’t work – but a custom phone system programmed by Northland does a lot more than just work.

For example, a feature like voicemail to email can save your administrative team hours of transcribing and make it easier than ever to document important information. Outlook integration features allow employees to schedule and coordinate calls to avoid workflow interruptions. Setting up hunt groups or call forwarding within departments makes coverage seamless and improves accessibility. The bottom line, your phone system should be programmed to make your employees’ lives easier.  

Your workforce is mobile, but is your telecom solution?

Mobility is changing the telecom industry as we know it and undoubtedly has the capability to make your office and employees more productive.

When we say “mobility,” we’re referring to features that allow your mobile phone to be an extension of your office phone, so you’ll never miss an important conference call or meeting, even when you’re on the go. In addition to improving communications between your customers and colleagues, mobility features promote a healthy work/life balance and provide an added level of convenience for your customers.

Northland offers “mobile twinning” or “sim-ring” features for both premise-based and virtual IPOs. Our customers also benefit from accessing the “system dial tone” while making calls from their mobile device, meaning that the caller ID on the receiving end will display their desk phone number.