Fiber Internet | By Northland Communications Team


In this day and age, nearly every business relies on cloud-based applications and, with that, comes a high demand for optimal network performance. Slow connections to business applications are not just frustrating but can impact the ability of a business to get work done and provide service to their customers.

To meet that demand, Northland has recently established connectivity to the QiX Internet Exchange in Montreal. Internet exchanges are physical meeting points (datacenters) for network and content providers to interconnect their networks. The exchange allows our network to directly connect with over 60 major networks, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

How does this benefit our customers? We’ll tell you.

A Faster Internet Connection

Our customers benefit from our network’s direct path to major networks, rather than taking a longer path through the public Internet. This translates to connections that can move information faster, ultimately improving how our customers can use cloud-based business applications and really any service over the Internet.

Greater Reliability

Our network automatically routes traffic to the provider that has the best path, which means you can rely on Northland to always deliver you the best possible connection. If one provider has an outage, traffic is instantly re-routed without you even knowing an outage has occurred. This is a capability that our network has always had, but QiX has allowed us to expand it and deliver our customers greater reliability than ever before.

Unbeatable Response Times

Investing in our fiber network and consistently making improvements allows us to maintain end-to-end control over your service and utilize our own expert service technicians, rather than having to outsource. The result? If an issue with your connection does occur, our local response team can resolve it quickly, meaning less downtime for your business.

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