Technology | By Northland Communications Team


“The Cloud.” It’s one of the great misconceptions of our time. When most of us imagine it, we see our information or whatever “stuff” we’re storing in it floating above our heads in the sky, almost like magic.

Not to completely kill your imagination, but the cloud is actually just storage and computing resources that aren’t at your physical location or disposal. In other words, it’s still a bunch of computers and equipment that you’d find in a data closet – they just live in a data center far, far away (or, in the case of our local customers in CNY, not so far away).

How can a cloud-based phone system benefit your business? We’ll tell you.

It’s super affordable.

What’s one of the main reasons businesses don’t upgrade their phone system, you ask? Traditional premise-based solutions can be a huge investment. The great thing about a cloud-based system is that there are virtually no up-front investment costs. You don’t have to purchase equipment and you don’t have to purchase new phones outright. You pay for your phones monthly (much like you would a cellphone plan) and our team hosts your system in our “cloud.” It’s that easy.

No more clunky, expensive equipment collecting dust in your office.

With our hosted solution, Business Unlimited, all of the important technology and equipment used to run your phone system is hosted by us and monitored in our office 24/7. This eliminates the hassle (and cost) of physically installing equipment at your office as well as ever having to dispatch technicians to service your system.  

It can go wherever you go.

Cloud-based, unified communications solutions have flipped the telecom world upside-down and one of the reasons for that is mobility. With Business Unlimited, your mobile device becomes an extension of your office. This promotes workplace flexibility, employee accessibility, and increased productivity.

Best-in-class scalability and functionality.

You need a phone system that can grow and change with your business and, if you currently have a premise-based system, you know that changes like adding lines or software upgrades can be a hassle. With a cloud-based solution, upgrades and maintenance are made automatically. Your employees will have the latest and greatest functionality at their desks and in their pockets at all times. Not to mention, you can make changes to your system, including adding unlimited lines, with a click of a button. 

It’s easy to upgrade.

Making the switch is seamless. Northland can even port your current business phone number with Business Unlimited. Get a free quote today by calling (315) 624-2216