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QPK Design was struggling with a lack of service and support from a national telecom provider as dropped calls, phone static, and unreliable internet was affecting their communication with their clients.  


Business Simple - A phone and internet bundle powered by a local fiber-optic network to eliminate QPK's phone & internet problems and consistently connect them with their customers backed by superior services & support. 


QPK is now able to stay connected with their customers and create long-lasting business relationships. Northland’s dependability has created a sense of stability at QPK and has enabled them to grow. A customized plan was developed; reducing their costs and allowed them to cut out services they didn't want or need.

The most essential first step for any project is a solid foundation. In order for any skyscraper, hospital, or residential home to be constructed, a foundation must be in place. No one knows that better than QPK Design, an architectural and engineering firm based in Syracuse, NY.

For QPK, Northland’s Business Simple bundle is their foundation and has been since 2010. The phone and Internet solution allows QPK to stay connected to their customers and create long-lasting business relationships along the way. Northland’s dependability has created a sense of stability at QPK and has enabled them to grow. “The dependable nature of the network is critical. Before making the switch to Northland, that network and dependability is something we looked very, very closely at,” said Mike O’Shea, owner of QPK Design.

Business Simple is specifically designed to help Central New York businesses grow. The scalability and customized plans enable a company, like QPK, to see continued success and longevity in CNY, and beyond. Northland is always looking for new ways to help their clients expand. “We developed a customized plan that was very specific to us; reducing our costs and giving us just the services we need. Northland matched up well from a cultural standpoint, and understood that we didn’t want to pay for something we didn’t need,” Mike said.

QPK has been utilizing Northland’s network since 2010. Prior to making the switch, they experienced static during important business calls with clients, some of which dropped completely. It was an easy decision to switch their voice services to Northland, and Mike has enjoyed the partnership every step of the way.

This year the team at 2uTEC adopted the Northland Communications Business Unlimited solution. This comes with a very unique application for smart devices called MaxUC that enables communication anywhere. 2uTEC is a true partner of Northland and not another number as we felt with our previous provider. Thank you to the Northland Communications team for their dedication to our partnership.

Damon McClure, Chief Technology Director, 2uTEC

Although we are locally owned, we have access to VOIP services through our national franchisor. We investigated that opportunity but went with Northland due to their outstanding local support. We were not disappointed. They paved the way for a smooth transition to VOIP in our 13 area offices. No question was too big or too small. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a quality product that is supported by smart people who go out of their way to make you successful.

Dave Read, H&R Block

We have used Northland Communications for at least ten years and will never go anywhere else for our phone and internet service. We also use their Business Unlimited solution too! It really allows our team to be mobile and helps us maintain our top-notch customer service too! Thank you Northland Communications for all that you do!

Howard Potter, CEO/Owner, A&P Master Images

Our installation team was outstanding. We appreciate how diligent they were. They made our team feel confident and secure in the work being done. Thank you!

Jenn Farwell, Village of Canastota

Working with Northland has been one of the easiest tasks as a business owner. Their kind and considerate staff have always gone above and beyond when it comes to service. Nothing is as reassuring as calling up when you have a technical issue, immediately getting an actual person, and having them remedy the situation without being transferred multiple times, or getting a supervisor involved. Whenever I speak to other business owners or colleagues, I always recommend Northland as a family-run, local business. I look forward to many more years working with James, Maureen, and their fantastic staff.

Michael Speach, Owner, Speach Family Candy Shoppe

When we formed our firm in 2011, Northland was an easy choice for us—a local provider from our community, attentive and responsive to our needs. Northland will continue to be our valued and trusted partner.

Scott McCartney, CFA, Ascent Wealth Partners



Our Business Simple solution is the ultimate phone and internet bundled package. It powers your business with our fast, reliable, and secure fiber internet that is dedicated to you and your business. 

> Unlimited Local + Domestic Calling
> Caller ID
> Cloud Fax
> WiFi + Managed Router with Basic Firewall