Dedicated Fiber Internet

+ The fastest connection you can get.

+ Fully redundant + reliable network.

+ Weather + EMI resistant lines. 


+ Never share Internet with neighbors.

+ Only pay for bandwidth you need.

+ Local presence + 24/7 support.



A Connection Dedicated to Your Business. 

Not currently connected to dedicated fiber? You’re likely sharing Internet bandwidth with your neighbors and may only be getting “up to” the speeds you’re paying for, just like you can win “up to” $1 million on a $1 lottery ticket.

While you may not notice the cons of a shared connection from home, connection performance is more likely to degrade in a business setting during “peak” usage times or normal business hours. This can lead to slower upload/download speeds, compromised video conferencing, and underperforming websites.

Northland’s fiber-optic and voice lines run directly from our datacenters, across the telephone pole, and into your business. The connection you’re paying for is yours and yours only and it’s the fastest and most reliable connection you can get.

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