CCaaS: Tomorrow’s Solution for Today’s Customer

UCaaS | By Northland Communications Team

Customer experience is the pulse of every business. A successful experience depends on your ability to communicate to your audience on their terms. In today’s world, customers expect instant communication and quick resolutions.

Our Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) tool, powered by Xima, helps businesses take their customer and employee experiences to the next level. You get cloud-based customer support through one pane of glass that empowers your employees to quickly resolve issues, increase productivity, and reduce frustrations.

Three Benefits of Xima CCaaS:

Your Customers Can Communicate How They Want

Your customers expect to have multiple ways to reach you. Whether it’s through a phone call, email, or chat, they have high expectations for communication. CCaaS allows customers to contact you from any channel and have access to features such as queue callback and skills-based routing, helping reduce response time and increase productivity.

Your Employees Get a Personalized Experience

The days of having to switch between multiple applications to fulfill one customer request are in the past. With CCaaS, you can personalize employee experiences with a customizable, modern workspace that easily brings customer insights from different applications and systems into a single pane of glass. You are also able to extend capacity to support remote offices, allowing your employees the flexibility they want while still providing the service your customers expect. 

It’s all Scalable, Customizable, and Easy to Use

One of the biggest benefits of a cloud solution is you can instantly scale to meet your business and customer demands. There is no paying for equipment you don’t need and you will also have access to reporting and analytics to enable ongoing improvements in customer interactions.

Our Xima CCaaS tool is designed to be customer-centric and is continuously evolving to fit the way people work and communicate. Give us a call to learn more about adding CCaaS to your solution today!