What it Means to be Service Driven

Customer Experience | By Northland Communications Team

For more than 110 years, being a service-driven organization has been the hallmark of Northland Communications. We’re not the “largest” in our industry and we can’t say that “more businesses choose us” than any other provider—but we’ve never really cared about being known for things like that.

The reason we’ve been able to compete with the Spectrums and Verizons of the world for the last century is because we go the extra mile for our customers and offer value and quality of service that the big names of telecom can’t.

Here’s what we mean:

When you call us, a real person answers every time.

Answer honestly…when was the last time you called a national company and a real person answered the phone? Better yet—when was the last time a real person answered who was familiar with your business? When you call Northland, you aren’t going to get an out-of-state or overseas call center that’s never heard of your business. You won’t waste hours of your time frustrated in call queues, where you have to re-familiarize each person you speak to with your account and the issue at hand. You’ll often get someone on the phone who has first-hand familiarity with you and your business, understands your solution end-to-end, and can resolve your issue in no time at all. When we say “no time,” we mean…

National telecom providers can’t beat our response times.

Northland’s network is owned, installed and maintained by our local team. Our technicians and support staff are located right here in Central New York. They aren’t responding from several hours away or remotely. When there is an issue, we dispatch our own people and, unlike national carriers, we rarely have to wait on the availability of third-party contractors. This allows us to maintain end-to-end control of your service and resolve issues quickly and seamlessly. Not only that, but…

You’ll rarely, if ever, experience downtime. 

While you may need to contact your national provider about service interruptions or outages, Northland is often able to resolve outages before our customers even know they’ve occurred. Being a local business, we understand the implications of service interruptions. Loss of connectivity can mean money out of your pocket. Our network is alarmed and monitored 24/7, so we know the second that there’s an issue. Regardless of the day or time, we start working to resolve it. Many of our competitors can’t say the same.

If you’re sick of dealing with consistent outages, spending hours getting transferred around a call center, waiting days for service issues to be resolved, and just overall dealing with a company that wouldn’t know your business from a hole in the wall, it’s time to start expecting more from your telecom provider. It’s time to experience the Northland difference.