Making an Impact Virtually with MaX UC

Customer Experience | By Northland Communications Team

COVID-19 did not stop our nonprofit partners from making an impact in our community! Pamela Murchison, Executive Director at Symphoria, and Sam Rowser, Executive Director at On Point for College, joined us for a webinar to discuss how they are leveraging MaX Meeting, our video meeting platform, to connect, engage, and continue making an impact while working remotely. 

Watch the webinar below or read on for more!

MaX Meeting is a video meeting platform that allows you to create and schedule HD virtual meetings with up to 500-participants. Built partially on the Zoom platform with a similar look and feel, MaX Meeting is hosted on local servers and backed by Northland’s local support team. MaX users enjoy no meeting time limits and a full suite of collaboration features, including screen sharing, presentation mode, whiteboard tools, chat, raise hand, polling, remote desktop control, and more. Plus, the video platform is just one component of our all-in-one Business Unlimited solution


Staying On Point: How On Point for College is Helping Students Virtually

One of the groups most drastically impacted by the pandemic is, of course, our students. This presented new challenges for On Point for College, a local college access program that works with young people 17-29 to help them break barriers and reach their collegiate goals. 


“We’re using the [MaX Meeting] video platform to bring everyone together. It allows us to continue to meet with our funders in a more personable way, have those conversations about what we’re doing, and still raise a couple dollars,” said Sam Rowser, Executive Director. “I wanted to share a success story…I set up the MaX UC video chat with one of our funders and, at the end of our conversation, they said ‘I’m going to write you a check for $20,000.’”


As Sam and the team look to the coming months, with so much uncertainty around colleges reopening, they’re looking for ways to support students who may need to complete their coursework from home. Specifically, they’re looking to Northland to help them leverage MaX Meeting to connect tutors with their students.


“I think being together is a great concept, but it starts at home. If you have an organization that’s local, that you can support, that can provide what you need, then that’s where you go,” said Sam. “We really are thankful for Northland and all you’re doing to help us and not just with this [MaX Meeting] platform, but in growing our community with job opportunities and communication resources.


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Musical Relief: How Symphoria is Uplifting Our Community Through Music

For an organization like Symphoria with an overall mission of building community and relationships through music, the news that concert and event venues were being closed was devastating.


“One of the things about this platform that’s been super helpful for us is just maintaining relationships within the organization,” said Pamela Murchison, Executive Director. “I can call a staff member on the phone but if I can see their face on a video call, I can really see where they are.” 


In addition to staying connected and boosting their team’s morale, Symphoria has been using MaX to do what they do best: perform.


“What we’re finding is that people are turning to arts and culture more. We need an escape more than ever, we need to feel connected more than ever,” said Pam. “As we move more to live streaming concerts, as we’re working to educate the audience, plan [televised] concerts, do some fundraising, have weekly calls with the musicians—we’ve been able to accomplish a lot! We don’t know what’s ahead for us exactly, but we can just keep moving forward because we can keep communicating with each other.”


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