New Non-Compliance and Regulatory Cost Recovery Fees for 2024

Customer Experience | By Northland Communications Team

Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee

Effective 2/1/2024, a new Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee of $1.36 per line per month will be assessed. This fee is common among carriers, and on average, is less than our competitors. The purpose of this charge is to help offset costs Northland pays associated with various federal regulatory fees and programs.


New Non-Compliance Fees   

Effective January 1, 2024, cellular service providers introduced a new non-compliance fee for customers found in violation of the traffic compliance regulations. These violations are classified as Sev-O, signifying the highest level of escalation within carrier policies. This enforcement applies to sending SMS text messages through the Northland-provided MaxUC application.  

The non-compliance fine(s) (USD) will be assessed for every Sev-0 violation issued as follows: 

Tier 1: $2000 for phishing, smishing, and targeted social engineering communications. 

Social Engineering refers to the practice of targeting individuals in a way that manipulates individuals to reveal private information like credit card numbers, or social security numbers. 

Tier 2: $1000 for illegal content (included content must be legal in all 50 states and federally) 

Illegal content includes but is not limited to, Cannabis, Marijuana, CBD, Illegal Prescriptions, and Solicitation. 

Tier 3: $500 for all other violations including, but not limited to, SHAFT. Please review the T-Mobile Code of Conduct Section 5.2 for a list of all disallowed contact 

Persistent receipt of severe Sev-0 violations could jeopardize your brand, potentially leading to suspension and removal from the 10DLC campaign registry, effectively blocking access to this functionality.   

Please review the code of conduct details and adhere to the best practice guidelines, provided via the links below, to ensure compliance with the most up-to-date requirements.   

Fees will be applied to your account following the outlined violation tiers and corresponding penalties detailed in the provided information. 

Section 5, “Prohibited Campaign Content,” in the T-Mobile Code of Conduct 

Please note these violations are also subject to our Northland Acceptable Use Policy found here: Northland Legal Notices