Save Money on Secure Voice Service for Teams and Experience Reliable Customer Service with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

About Us | By Northland Communications Team

Northland Communications launched Microsoft Teams Direct Routing (MTDR) in 2022 to give its customers more flexibility with their options for phone call functionality.

Along with better functionality, Northland Communications will work directly with your Microsoft Teams administrator to ensure that your configuration is being set up properly.

Our Direct Routing solution provides additional features and benefits over the calling plan offered by Microsoft such as dynamic voice path allocation and the utilization of a true voice carrier to leverage your Teams service as a phone system.

This means that with MTDR by Northland Communications, you do not need to allocate a voice connection to the individual end user like you would with Microsoft Voice’s Calling Plan licensing. Our Teams Direct Routing voice service will dynamically allocate to the users as needed to send and receive calls over the PSTN.

The best part—you will save money because you only need purchase the number of call paths you would use simultaneously as opposed to the total number of end users, similarly to SIP trunking.

On average, businesses typically save 40% when they choose the Direct Routing option.

Additionally, Northland Communications offers 24/7 network operations support and a dedicated account manager so that you can focus on making quality connections between your business and customers, while we take care of making sure you get connected.

Get your unified communications solution right from the source that has been a trusted voice carrier for over 117 years—Northland Communications. Connectivity is what we do. Let us handle your carrier connection for calling with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.