Call Center Applications

Connect with your customers.

Northland offers call center functionality through the Avaya IP Office system. This enables companies to route callers to the appropriate employee or department that can best satisfy their needs. Managing customer interaction is crucial, and our system makes that process efficient. Northland has the flexibility and capabilities to offer exactly what you need – no matter your business. In the past, only large companies with according budgets could afford a call center system. Northland offers both basic and advanced features; this ranges from a few agents taking calls to a large group of employees with specific skill sets and multiple supervisors – it all depends what your business calls for. With any call center through the IP Office, you’ll receive:

  • Inbound Call Routing
    • Customers will be routed to the appropriate employee who can best answer their question
  • Real-time Call Data
    • Multiple methods that allow you to view what’s currently happening across the system
    • Tracks how long agents have been on a certain call, how many incoming calls are on hold, and who’s available to take calls
  • Historical Call Data
    • The system tracks all call data when it is installed and can hold an endless amount of reports
  • Call Monitoring and Recording
    • Many options ranging from recording a specific call, a specific group or customer, or simply all calls

The unique login system in the IP Office dictates whether agents or employees are available to take calls. This ensures customers speak with a live person. Communication with customers is a key to any business. The Avaya IP Office call center presents an opportunity for your company to have professional, efficient communication. Northland’s local presence allows us to always be there for our customers. Always – as in 24/7, 365 days a year. Our skilled technicians are able to respond to trouble tickets, customer orders, questions and more in a timely fashion. Providing call center capabilities to businesses is just another way Northland has served Central New York since 1905. Call today to learn more about our call center applications.