IP Office

Improve efficiency with an Avaya IP Office phone system.

The Avaya IP Office phone system is flexible enough to fit any customer’s needs. Whether your office has five employees or up to 3,000, this platform can affordably scale as your communication needs change. Have multiple locations? Avaya can service up to 150 networked locations to keep your business connected. The IP Office offers:

  • Telephony
  • Messaging
  • Conferencing
  • Dedicated contact center
  • Video
  • Unified Communications

Multiple software options exist to best serve each individual customer. This includes a basic package and ranges all the way to include all of Avaya’s advanced features. Enable your office staff to effectively communicate with co-workers and customers. Avaya is a recognized leader in global provider of solutions for team engagement and customer service. Your IP system shouldn’t hold your business back; Avaya allows your company to grow. Call Northland today and watch your business grow through Avaya.