Telecom in Ten | Episode 3 | Quality Connections | Northland’s People + Talent Team

Telecom in Ten | By Northland Communications Team

Kathrina Netzband – Recruitment + Training Coordinator| Theresa Jalowiec – Vice President of People + Talent

Welcome to Telecom in Ten, where we explore the quality connections between our cutting-edge technology, unparalleled service, reliable products, and you, our customer and community, as we continue to transform Telecom here at Northland Communications.

Chelsey (Off Camera*): Hello everyone and welcome to our third episode of Telecom in Ten featuring Katy and Theresa from our People + Talent Team.

As a leading company in the telecommunications industry, we are constantly expanding. Our People + Talent department is actively recruiting to fill roles here at Northland that will drive new innovation and help achieve our goal of creating quality connections. We are defined by dependability, strengthened by service, and connected by technology. Learn more as Katy and Theresa discuss our process, benefits, perks, and why you should become part of the Northland family.

We sat down off camera and asked them a series of questions for this conversation—so let’s jump right into it.

01. Get To Know Us | (00:40)

Chelsey: Can you tell me a little bit about yourselves?

Theresa: I started at Northland in 2006. I was hired into the accounting department and worked there for about eight years until I made my way into the HR field—now known as People + Talent. I’ve been in People + Talent since 2014. I grew up in Utica and now I live in Rome.

Katy: I came to Northland about four years ago and I actually started in the marketing department as the marketing coordinator. Then this position became available and I applied for it and went back to school to get certified in it.

02. Company Culture | (01:30)

Chelsey: What is Northland’s culture like?

Theresa: Northland, I always say, is family-first. We have a hybrid and flexible work environment here. I also say we have an open-door policy. Anyone can come and talk to any member of management at any time. We listen to any concerns or ideas that people might have. Our core values are we care, we do what’s right, we are authentic, and we make it happen. I would like to think that we see those values demonstrated every day one way or another.

03. Benefits + Perks | (02:15)

Chelsey: What are some benefits and perks of working at Northland?

Theresa: Outside of the traditional medical, dental, vision, voluntary disability programs—we have a 401k match, a tuition reimbursement program, and generous paid time off program—we just purchased LinkedIn learning licenses for everyone in the company so that gives everyone access to over 8,000 courses.

Katy: We also do some great things with training—we do Lunch + Learns with our IT department. It’s a great way for team members to ask for help or gain knowledge of the technology that we are putting out here at Northland. Northland’s really great at making sure we understand why we’re doing training, what we’re offering, and team members are really great about sharing knowledge as well.

04. Employee Engagement | (03:15)

Chelsey: How does Northland keep their employees engaged?

Theresa: Employee engagement is at the core of our company vision to create quality connections. We really focus on setting our people up for success. We match the right person with the right seat. We provide the tools and resources necessary to get the job done. We provide ongoing training. And our goal is really to provide a place where people look forward to coming and working at Northland.

05. Growth | (03:50)

Chelsey: How has Northland grown over the past couple of years?

Theresa: Over the past year or two, we’ve actually added quite a few positions. The goal for adding those positions really is to set ourselves up for future success operationally so that we can meet our future sales goals. Knowing that it takes time to hire and train, we’re always re-evaluating our needs and based on the growing needs of our customers, do we need to re-evaluate the roles and responsibilities of our current departments, do we need to add new roles—that’s always an ongoing evaluation.

Katy: As Northland grows and cycles through, we’re able to see what the need is, especially if it’s driven by our customers. And we have an amazing executive team who is very open to ideas, encourages questions, and nothing is ever off the table.

06. Positions Available | (04:45)

Chelsey: What kind of positions are available in general at Northland?

Theresa: Someone should apply directly under the careers section of our website, We have a general application so that if someone doesn’t see a position that they are interested in or qualified for now, they can apply to that general application, and we will keep them in our pipeline. If a position comes up that we feel they may be qualified for, we’ll give them a call.

Katy: And we do call. People are usually thrilled when they hear from me because they can’t believe that we actually picked up the phone and called. That’s one of our uniques—is we are very personalized even with the interview process.

07. Hiring Process | (05:30)

Chelsey: How should someone apply and what is the hiring process like?

Katy: So our interview process is virtual and in person. I like to do the phone screens with our technology to show potential new hires this is what Northland is all about—this is the technology we are using, to set them up for success and so there’s no surprises. Our phone screen in very unique, I’ve been told by new hires. We give them a lot of information in a very short time, but it helps them to make a decision about whether or not they are the right fit for Northland. Because we really do worry about having the right person in the right seat.

For our second interview, we bring them to whatever office they will be working out of—either Holland Patent or Syracuse, and they will meet with Theresa and the hiring manager again, potentially some team members, it’s a very personalized interview because they want to get to know you. Are you the right person for the seat? A good cultural fit? It’s definitely a very robust hiring process.

08. Training + Onboarding | (06:50)

Chelsey:  What is the training and onboarding process like?

Theresa: It’s pretty robust. Since Katy has joined the department, we’ve taken time to really to develop that process. The first few days we really spend helping them get acclimated.

Katy: The first four days I typically schedule for the new hires so they know what the expectations are coming from Northland because it definitely is a unique experience.  

09. Milestones + Reviews | (07:15)

Chelsey: Can you explain what the milestone and review process is like once someone has started in their position?

Theresa: We meet with them and I always tell them that the goal is to make sure we’re all on the same page as far as how their training is going and what challenges they may be running into. We are constantly tweaking our process to make sure we are not only meeting but exceeding our new hires’ expectations and making them comfortable. Our goal is really to establish that relationship with them so that they feel comfortable in coming to us to their manager and giving us their feedback in real time outside of those check-ins as well.  

Katy: Please reach out to us we’re here to help you.  

10. Final Thoughts | (08:10)

Chelsey: What are your final thoughts on working at Northland—what does it mean to you?

Theresa: I always say that it’s a privilege to work at Northland. I’ve always been personally grateful that I was given the opportunity to start and continue my career here. I was a kid out of college and I always say that Northland gave me the opportunity. We have a lot of great people here and we’re doing a lot of great things and we’re always searching for more great people that contribute to our culture.

Katy: I came in coming off a career, looking for an almost different career, and Northland afforded me that opportunity. I was able to take everything I’ve ever done in my past career and put it toward this one. I love coming to work every day. I love to ask questions…and at Northland, it’s a safe space to ask that “why”. No one is going to say that’s the way it’s always been done here, it’s well this is where we’re growing, and this is how we are trying to get there. And you’re able to contribute to that why. For me, gaining more knowledge because I love to learn and grow, I think this is an amazing place to work.

Chelsey: Alright, thank you guys so much for having this conversation today!