10 Years of Technology: Our View

Written By: Marissa Filletti, Marketing Specialist 


Northland has been at the forefront of the technology industry for over a century and our team of local experts have seen it all! In celebration of the new decade, we asked them to share a “remember when” and answer the question “how has technology changed in the last 10 years?”



Maureen McCarthy Tracy, Vice President of Community & Connections

“I remember when I needed to be tied to my desk in order to get a call. Being someone who travels on the road quite a bit, there were a number of missed calls and phone tag. Today, a call that comes to my DID hits my desk phone, softphone and mobile app all at once. I have answered questions and closed deals from the road and even during an oil change!”







Larry Combs, Senior Network Engineer 

“I remember when our connections between Utica and Syracuse were over leased circuits and the bandwidth we could deliver was limited. Most of our services ran over leased Copper T-1s, and customers were reaching 1.5 Mbps at most. We only had standalone legacy central office switches in each city. Today, our fiber network has expanded, running from Herkimer to East of Syracuse.  We’re able to deliver several Gigabytes and most services over our own fiber, with 10 Gbps rings and geo-redundancy between cities!”


Tricia Sticca, Vice President of Sales

“Ten years ago, it was a lot more difficult for us to engage with our out-of-area customers and vendors. Today, with easy-to-use video technology, we’re able to maintain the same relationships with them as our closest neighbors.”


Matt Dwyer, Director of Network Engineering

“I remember when we had to use tapes to back-up our data. Now, our data is hosted and backed-up in the cloud!”




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