Secure, Adaptable and Mobile: Meet Northland’s Video Conferencing Solutions

Products | By Northland Communications Team

Northland Communications offers video conferencing solutions that can help your business embrace today’s online and digital trends and adapt to your business needs in a more secure way. Through MaX Meeting and MaX Webinar, we can help you operate more efficiently across virtual, remote environments. 

Meet MaX Meeting: Northland’s video conferencing service. It’s fully encrypted end-to-end and HIPAA security compliant. Create and schedule virtual meetings with as many as 500 participants safely and efficiently. Enjoy other features such as:

  • Private or group chat
  • Swap presenter request/give remote control of the desktop
  • Access your meetings from any device – Desktop, iOS, Android
  • Significant cost savings with reduced travel expenses and non-productive travel time.
  • Automatic software updates
  • Share iPad or iPhone screen with Airplay
  • Attention tracking
  • SIP/h.323 compliant room systems
  • Schedule future meetings from MaX or using Outlook Plug-in

Meet MaX Webinar, Northland’s webinar software. It’s also HIPAA compliant and encrypted end-to-end for optimal security, making it the perfect solution for your business. With its additional capabilities, you can plan and promote your virtual events, evaluate their success with post-event data and analytics, and make them interactive with audience engagement tools like live Q&A, chats, and engaging polls.

  • Webinar screen share, raise hand, chat, and more.
  • Full control of audio, video, and presentation settings for panelists and participants.
  • Export participant questions, poll results, and attendee reports measuring engagement.

MaX Meeting and MaX Webinar can give you a cooperative working environment to increase your productivity, all while operating in peak security. How do you choose one out of these video conferencing tools for yourself? You need to understand your specific business needs and goals to make your choice. MaX Meeting focuses on larger online meetings, while MaX Webinar fits well with webinars and live events.

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