Northland Communications is a trusted source for inside and outside network and data cabling in Central New York.

Our expert technicians are experienced in providing businesses with reliable, efficient Ethernet cabling solutions to help drive business goals and uptime.

Our network and cabling installation pairs perfectly with our voice and data solution, making it a true value-added service, putting Northland ahead of our competitors.

We offer voice and data cabling, special projects to help you increase your network capacity and security.

What is ethernet?
Ethernet refers to a type of communication protocol that connects computers within a Local Area Network (LAN). A LAN is a connected network of computers, laptops, and printers in a small area, like an office. Ethernet is not wireless. Ethernet cabling is a solution that connects electronic devices (computers, tablets, etc.) to a network that allows you to have internet access. It uses a network cable for wired connections to the Internet.

What are the perks of Ethernet data cabling?
– Offers a much higher speed compared to a wireless connection.
– Has higher levels of security compared to WiFi.
– Is highly reliable since there are no interruptions from radio frequencies.
– Is efficient, especially when using cables like CAT 6, which consumes a low amount of power.

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