“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right” – Henry Ford

Get to know more about Brian, his interests, and his background.


Brian is responsible for the overall implementation and execution of Northland’s corporate vision through the day-to-day management of the executive team that enables team members to create quality connections.  In addition, he is responsible for the successful achievement of Northland’s financial objectives.

Brian oversees the operations and product strategy of Northland. In addition to providing oversight to various departments, he leads strategic growth, business efficiencies, and technology initiatives.

Since joining Northland in 1993, Brian has served in numerous roles across the organization. He started his career as a lineman eventually growing into his role as COO in 2019.  Brian has led multiple new product and business development initiatives and has experience with central office, IP office, Nortel, and carrier networks.


Greenbelt Lean Six Sigma, Rochester Institute of Technology

In the Community


Barneveld Fire Department, 1st Assistant Chief

Star Volunteer Ambulance, President

Oneida County Fire Chiefs Association, Board of Directors

Oneida County Fire Advisory, Board of Directors

Oneida County Origin and Cause Team, Fire Investigator


Oneida County Fire Chiefs Association, Board of Directors

Oneida County Fire Advisory, Board of Directors

Believe271 Foundation, Founder, President

Leadership Mohawk Valley, Alumni Committee

Utica Children’s Museum, Board of Directors

Trenton Joint Fire District, District Chief

United Way Young Leaders United, Chairperson, Allocation Committee Member, Campaign Cabinet Member

Beneath the Surface


Spending time with his children and watching them develop through sports and academics, being an EMT and Firefighter, and driving and restoring Model T cars

If Brian had a superpower it would be:

The ability to understand what my kid’s texts mean

Favorite piece of technology:

I really enjoy seeing our customers utilize Business Unlimited. Providing a full-service unified communication offering excites me to see how it enables businesses to work remotely and increase the quality of life for their team members

Favorite part of his job:

Northland has allowed me to work with a high level of creativity. Whether it’s customer solutions, team member experiences, or looking at issues as an opportunity we have the flexibility to think beyond normal boundaries to make it happen


Brian lives in Barneveld, NY with his children, Nate and Anna, and their dogs Ollie and Mitch