How to Choose a Dependable Telecom Provider

Technology | By Northland Communications Team

Communication is an important part of any business which makes choosing a telecom provider a challenging task. Not only can it be a difficult decision to make, but it’s also business-critical. Telecom services are important for connecting, maintaining, and growing your client base, especially in an increasingly digitally driven world. A 2021 Consumer Reports survey confirmed just how important telecom services are to consumers, finding that 76% of Americans agreed that internet service is as important as electricity or water in today’s world.

Partnering with a dependable telecom provider is key to setting your business up for success. So, when it comes time to make your selection, where do you start? Leverage the following insights and tips to make an informed decision that puts your business on track to reach its goals.

Customer Service

As a company that puts its customers first, it’s fair to expect the same from your providers, especially for services that are essential to both day-to-day operations and long-term growth goals.

When evaluating providers, pay careful attention to your interactions with service representatives: are they readily available to answer questions? Are they knowledgeable about the product and offerings?

Your team is familiar with the markings of quality customer service, so seek out the same in your telecom partner. For example, the Central New York telecommunications provider Northland Communications has an average employee tenure of 12 years with a local response team consisting of nearly 40 highly trained local technicians who are experienced with every product and service offering, giving businesses the personalized customer service experience, they deserve.

Service Reliability

Exceptional customer service is essential to ensuring every interaction with a representative is pleasant and productive. However, part of your objective should be to select a provider with reliable service so there’s little need to communicate outside of regular check-in.

To evaluate a provider’s services prior to signing a contract, look at the company’s investment and maintenance of its infrastructure and equipment. For example, Northland Communications, which has been providing services for over 115 years, invested over $25 million to bring over 1,100 miles of fiber to Central New York, solidifying them as a provider that businesses can count on from day one.

More than just Internet

While high-speed, high-quality broadband is crucial to maintaining your business’s online presence and daily operations, there are other telecom services to consider. In addition to telephone services, explore cloud services, which simplify IT infrastructure management, and security system offerings to keep your business secure and protected.

Depending on your needs, these products may be critical to the growth of your company, so seek out a provider that goes beyond the call of a traditional telecommunications provider and offers services that safeguard your business. For several business-centric options, check out the cloud services offered by Northland Communications.

Customer Retention

With telecommunication services largely commoditized, providers suffer from exceptionally high rates of churn. Consumers are now retracting their loyalty more quickly than they did before, many citing poor customer service as their primary reason, making telecommunication providers work harder than ever to retain their customer bases.

When looking at which provider to choose for your telecom needs, pay close attention to which are focusing their efforts and finding solutions to provide their customers with an effortless customer experience that helps boost loyalty and reduce churn. Northland Communications understands the importance of customer loyalty, with over 1,600 of its customers having been with them for 20+ years.

Looking to partner with a reputable provider? Look no further than Northland Communications, a reliable provider known for its customer service and 24/7 dedicated support.