During these unprecedented times, our customers are finding creative ways to do business virtually! Long-time customers Tim Hardiman, Owner & Executive Chef of The Tailor & The Cook, and Katie Reilly, VP of Marketing & Culture at New York Sash, joined us for a recent webinar to talk about how they are leveraging MaX Meeting, our video meeting platform, to connect with their customers in exciting new ways. Watch the recording below or read on! 

MaX Meeting is a video meeting platform that allows you to create and schedule HD virtual meetings with up to 100-participants. Built partially on the Zoom platform with a similar look and feel, MaX Meeting is hosted on local servers and backed by Northland’s local support team. MaX users enjoy no meeting time limits and a full suite of collaboration features, including screen sharing, presentation mode, whiteboard tools, chat, raise hand, polling, remote desktop control, and more. 

The Tailor and the Cook: Virtual Events Powered by MaX 

When local restaurants were mandated to close due to COVID-19, Tim Hardiman, Owner & Executive Chef at The Tailor and the Cook restaurant in downtown Utica, knew he needed to get creative to connect with his customers. That’s when he called John Matthews, Strategic Relationship Manager at Northland, and Maureen McCarthy Tracy, VP of Community & Connections, to help him organize the restaurant’s first virtual dining event. Soon after, “New York Connected: A Virtual Wine & Food Exploration” was born.

“One of the greatest things that I’m missing is the community that is created by dining together,” said Tim. “I was aware that MaX UC was available, so we decided to venture into a virtual wine pairing. The feedback has been remarkable. People really feel this sense of community—some say even more so than dining in our restaurant in real life because they’re getting a 1:1 with me and my wine director, Cameron Mills.” 


New York Sash: Virtual Consultations Powered by MaX 

For a business largely dependent on in-home consultations and demonstrations, stay-home orders left New York Sash, a local home-improvement company, at a loss. 

“We realized really quickly that we needed to adapt to something virtual,” said Katie Reilly, VP of Marketing & Culture. “It was really a time for the home-improvement industry where you adapt or lay dormant and potentially die. We were very lucky that we’ve worked with you guys for so long and that you were offering the free platform.”

New York Sash is using the MaX platform to do virtual consultations. “Customers think it’s easy to do! We’ve had great success, with anywhere from 2-10 appointments per day,” said Katie. To learn more, visit https://newyorksash.com/.

“For us, I think this is definitely something we will continue to implement moving forward. I think it’s going to change the way we’re able to reach customers and do business,” said Katie.

Leveraging MaX Meeting for Virtual Business

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