Protect your data with DDoS Mitigation

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Northland Communications has invested in DDoS mitigation across its fiber network to help lift the burden off your team to combat DDoS attacks and helps keep customers connected with a 99.999% uptime. Real-time mitigation routes the attack traffic out of our network and allows good traffic to continue to your business to avoid outages.

Over the past few years, the digital shift has only made DDoS attacks more common. Given the low barriers to entry and the high potential for monetary gains, low-level and novice threat actors find it easier to launch DDoS attacks and use them as a smokescreen for other malicious activities. That is why we have invested in DDoS mitigation within our core network.

During a two-month period, Northland’s DDoS mitigation blocked 68 attacks, saving 30 customers from experiencing over 110 GB of bad traffic. 

Now is the time to contact Northland Communications about our dedicated internet solutions to protect your business from these growing challenges on your network.  New internet customers will receive complimentary DDoS attack protection up to 1GB (which accounts for 76% of all attacks) through December 15, 2023. Additional protection is also available beyond 1GB for extended protection.*

Keep your business protected now and after the complimentary trial is over by contacting us at 315-624-2216 now!

*Internet must be installed by 11/1/23 to be eligible.