Customer Spotlight: A&P Master Images

Customer Spotlight | By Northland Communications Team

“This [phone system] has really changed our business mindset for not only adapting to this situation, but future growth of our company.” 

—Howard Potter, Owner/CEO

Strategic Relationship Manager John Matthews said it best: “Social distancing doesn’t have to mean customer distancing.” Our customers, like A&P Master Images, are living proof of that thanks to our cloud-based phone and video software, MaX UC (formerly Accession).

He checked in with longtime partner Howard Potter to see what they’re doing in response to COVID-19 and how MaX UC is helping them stay connected.

“To really talk about it, a week and a half ago, we were down to 6 staff out of 20,” said Howard. “So, this coming online the way it did, when it did, and it was all done remotely…I mean you guys were able to work with my wife Amanda all the way through setting everything up digitally, without having to physically come in the building. That was pretty impressive.”

Fewer team members on staff meant all hands on deck for the team at A&P. Luckily, the MaX UC, mobile application helped them multi-task by allowing them to process orders and service customers simultaneously.

“It made 6 people feel like 12,” said Howard. “We were able to walk away from our desks and still take a phone call from our cellphone. We could be at the back of the building and pick up, no matter if we were by a press, by a machine, counting something…”

Through this crisis, businesses across Central New York are stepping up to help one another as well as those on the frontline. A&P is no exception. Mohawk Valley Health Systems needed a local company to produce face shields—and fast. Of course, Howard and the team didn’t hesitate.

“Within 24 hours, we created a prototype. One thing led to another and now we’re making them in-house. A lot of the stuff is sourced right here in New York State and local vendors, so it’s helping keep some other people employed too.”

Businesses across the country, including many of our local partners, are changing the way they operate and adapting for the greater good. Modern tools, like MaX UC, are helping them do it.

“You always hear ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ but this phone system actually makes us very versatile, where you can be anywhere and service a customer,” said Howard. “This has really changed our business mindset for not only adapting to this situation, but future growth of our company.”