Secure and reliable telecommunication systems to support learning and communication objectives.

Northland Communications offers affordable customized solutions for both K-12 schools and institutions of higher learning. These systems are designed with scalable bandwidth providing lighting fast speeds while keeping information secure and accessible.

We provide scalable, customized, affordable telecommunications solutions for schools that rely on it for secure, efficient access to information. In the classroom, customized telecommunications systems are vital. These systems have a significant demand for bandwidth, especially as technology applications evolve over time and teachers rely on it to enhance their instruction. Northland provides:

Fiber: Indoor & Outdoor Scalable Bandwidth

As time goes on, needs change and your school may require more bandwidth to support increased data usage. Northland Communication’s fiber data network provides powerful bandwidth speeds from 3 Megabit/sec to 40 Gigabits/second. With Northland Communication’s dark fiber service you can lease single or multiple strands of fiber between two locations with the option to increase your bandwidth quickly without further price increases or new contracts. A standard Ethernet connection is located at each facility as well to support this learning and keep the momentum going in the classroom.

Northland can work with the district to evaluate your existing IT closets and determine solution or route to upgrade/replace the existing fiber that makes up your current network. Northland has its own fiber/cabling team that will come into the district to run new fiber inside or out. We own our own fiber/splice trucks and can run multimode or single mode fiber. We have experience in troubleshooting existing fiber that might have had issues in the past to determine whether that fiber needs to be replaced or repaired.

Structured Cabling

As the technology has evolved and districts are seeing more and more applications such as wireless, IP phones, IP paging and smart boards etc., so do the needs for additional cabling. Northland has a cabling team with many years of experience in the K-12 vertical that has provided: CAT6, CAT5e, CAT 3, 25/50/100 copper feeds, patch panels, cable management for districts. We have the necessary tools and experience to terminate all the different types of cabling. Northland is on state contract, so we can provide a comparison price to state pricing.

Integrated School Systems

The Avaya IP Office phone system platform has been an excellent solution for the K-12 market. The IP Office transform how teachers and staff communicate with the students and themselves. Regardless of the building or application users can use many of the features, such as voicemail to email message, conference bridge, unified collaboration or mobile devices of the phone system to communicate with each other or the outside world. These are just some of the features and functionality that the IP Office provides for the K-12 market.  

Northland has worked with our equipment partner Avaya to leverage technology and allow a full integration of devices: Avaya network switches, Avaya wireless, Algo Security (strobe lights, emergency buttons and IP paging systems), 911 notifications (call records and recordings) to integrate with the IP Office phone system.  Integrating all this technology can benefit the school district by allowing one platform to manage the system across an entire district and make a SAFER CAMPUS for the students and staff.

We have worked with several districts, architects, engineers and the CNYRIC to provide solutions and secure funding (SMART School funding, e-rate or leasing, etc.), so districts can upgrade their technology and make their campus a SAFER environment for everyone. We can provide our state contract number upon request.  

Customized Plans

Multi-dimensional information delivery systems in schools enable constant communication both internally and with the public. Whether your school needs PRI, Internet, private network services, or all three; Northland Communications can look at your telecommunications objectives and customize an affordable plan by bundling our products and services together to address all your needs. These products and services are supported 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year by our customer care team that is always available should you need to call. Since our network is designed with redundancy, you never have to worry about the worst case scenario because your information is backed up and secure.

Affordable Solutions

Now down to business. With tightening budgets and unreliable aid, schools are always looking to save money. At Northland Communications, our team will conduct a review to see what services and products you need, and where you can cut costs. As an experienced E-rate provider, we will work with you to obtain eligible discounts to save you money. We have vast experience working with BOCES and Regional Information Centers so we can hit the ground running and get you onboard quickly and effortlessly.

Partner with Northland Communications for all your telecommunications needs. Our team has the experience and knowledge required to customize a secure, reliable, state-of-the-art system tailored to your specifications. We will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on shaping minds rather than managing your system.

Contact us today and see how we can customize a solution for you.