Business Unlimited – UCaaS

Sophisticated Hosted PBX System. Low Cost. No Hassle.



Business Unlimited is a hosted PBX service that virtually eliminates the cost of purchasing equipment, ongoing maintenance, and future software upgrades. With Business Unlimited you’ll have the most updated technology in your office, and in your pocket, at all times, so you can focus on your bottom line.

With Northland as your partner, you will always sound professional & stay connected. With our simplified virtual PBX system you can:

+ Create custom greetings, add extensions and on-hold music.

+ Be available on-the-go with call forwarding to your mobile device, computer or tablet

+ Use with toll-free or local numbers.

+ Unite your whole company in the cloud.

+ Delivers all unified communications over your Internet connection.


Free Mitel 6867i Promotion: Offer Ends 5.31.20

For a limited time only, we are offering Mitel 6867i or 6863 phones at no charge. The value of each phone is up to $200. Customers who choose to use the software-based phone provided by Northland, the Accession Client, can receive a $5.00 discount per month, per Accession user, from the standard pricing schedule. Contract Required. Offer ends May 31, 2020. Additional terms and conditions apply. See contract for full promotion details.

Why choose Business Unlimited?

With Northland’s Hosted solution, you can have it all. Business Unlimited allows businesses to have every feature, application and benefit that a company with 2000+ telephones has. Enjoy HD voice, fax, call forwarding, SIM Ring mobility, call transferring, paging, and a personal conference bridge, without the expense of an equipment investment.

What if we come out with a new feature? You’ll get that too, with a software update sent directly to your phone system, at no additional cost! Let your team be more productive, and benefit from the savings.

The virtual PBX system and services are custom designed for your business, to give you every feature you need, at a low monthly price you will love. Imagine if your employees could work from their home, a hotel, or via cell phone from the golf course, while still being connected to the telephone system at the office. With the ability to transfer calls, put on hold with music, set up conference calls, or have the line answered with an automated system, there is a seamless connection between the office and the caller, every time. The entire system is operated and maintained by Northland – We’ll take care of your phone system so you can take care of business.

What problem does this help your business solve?

Instead of having pesky wires and switches in your office, that you are responsible for maintaining, a virtual PBX (or hosted PBX) is managed by us so you don’t have to worry about equipment, software, and upgrades. You get a powerful phone system that has all of the features as your old system but operates better because it’s virtual. All you need is an Internet connection and we will provide the rest. 

Business Unlimited System Options:

Features include: PBX Feature Set
Local + Long Distance Calling
Caller ID
Audio Conferencing
Call Manager
Voicemail to Email
Music on Hold

Value plus:

Mobile + Desktop
Instant Messaging
Outlook Integration

Standard plus:
Accession Meeting

4 Person Meeting
Voice + Video
Share Content
Remote Desktop

3-19 Users $24.00 $29.00 $40.00
20-49 Users $22.00 $27.00 $38.00
50-99 Users $20.00 $25.00 $34.00
100+ Users $18.00 $23.00 $32.00

*Download full pricing guide


More Features + Benefits

Feature Benefit
Total Control & Scalability Manage your telephone system using the equipment that best fits your needs and that you’re most comfortable with. Unlike traditional phone systems, that are limited by the number of users and phone numbers, the Business Unlimited Hosted System will grow and expand with your business.
Flexibility The Business Unlimited telephone system allows employees to be productive regardless if they are in the main office, remote office, home or mobile on the road. All of this can be accomplished with multiple devices through a desk telephone, PC, tablet or cell phone. Work seamlessly and stay connected, even when traveling internationally.
Cost Savings Business Unlimited allows you to have a sophisticated telephone system, without the initial upfront investment costs associated with an office telephone system. The system is operated and maintained by Northland, saving you money for routine maintenance down the road. You will always have the latest in telecommunications technologies through regular updates, delivered to your system through Northland.
Security Offers enhanced security compared to an onsite installation. Your telephone system is located in Northland’s secured datacenters, protected by multiple physical and network controls including alarm systems and firewalls. Northland monitors your systems 24/7, responding to any issues and proactively manages upgrades to your system, increasing capabilities and reducing potential vulnerabilities.
Reliability Enjoy superior connectivity, unmatched performance and guaranteed consistent quality. Through redundancy in our data center and dedicated fiber to your business which is monitored 24/7, you can count on us to keep your business connected.
Experience We have more than 100 years of experience providing the latest communication technologies from design, to installation, and testing.
Local We know the Central New York region better than anyone. We’re your neighbors and will be here every step of the way. Not from Central New York? You’ll still provide the best service from our dedicated team as if we were in your backyard.


FAQ about Business Unlimited

What is the difference between virtual PBX, hosted PBX, IP-PBX, VoIP PBX, and IPBX?

Good question! This one’s easy. They are all names for unified communications solutions, like Business Unlimited.

What’s the difference between hosted PBX and Voice over IP?

(VoIP) Hosted PBX uses a third party provider’s internet connection, (in this case it would be Northland) rather than your personal internet connection, making things faster and more reliable. VoIP makes and receives calls using your own personal internet connection.

What’s the difference between virtual PBX and a regular phone system?

The basic difference is what’s physically in your office space. In a regular system, all the wires and switches will be in the office, and you’ll have to set them up (or hire someone to do it). A virtual PBX system is hosted by a third-party who manages and controls the wires and switches.

Can I switch my current business number over to a new virtual PBX system?

Yes, Northland can easily port your current business phone number with Business Unlimited.

Get more information: 315-624-2216.