REM Fire Systems

Highly Reliable. Alarmingly Simple.  

Northland’s Business Simple Bundle helps grow a small business by utilizing a locally maintained Fiber network for phone and Internet compared to national competitors.


“Life safety equipment.” That’s how Tim Reilly, Vice President of REM Fire Systems, Inc., describes what his company provides across New York State. Family owned and operated since 1969, Tim understands the importance of technology to enable business growth. “Without having a reliable phone and Internet service our work simply wouldn’t be possible.” The Business Simple Bundle from Northland Communications provides small businesses the opportunity to tap into a fast, powerful, locally maintained fiber optic network for phone and Internet. When REM Fire Systems made the switch to Northland, “reliability, utilization and speed went from a 1 to a 10.”

REM Fire Systems, Inc. provides quality fire protection for businesses including fire alarms and sprinkler systems. Before installation, field techs are required to blueprint the business from top to bottom and generate a report to document where the fire safety equipment is located within a client’s facility. Tim describes how important accuracy is and that the collection process has “extreme data associated with it. They can’t miss a little nook or cranny anyplace.”

Prior to switching to Northland’s Business Simple Bundle, REM technicians hand wrote reports and manually entered data when they returned to the office. Techs were unable to generate electronic reports in the field due to their Internet service being slow and unreliable….read more.