Learn More About Call Recording

UCaaS | By Northland Communications Team

Our team is constantly working to enhance our cloud-based Business Unlimited solution and we’re excited to launch our newest add-on option, call recording! 

Designed with an innovative call recording architecture, this add-on offers advanced contact center-like functionality with call recording, live monitoring, reporting, quality management and speech analytics.

This package will help you improve customer service and agent productivity, increase operational and sales efficiency, resolve disputes quickly (while minimizing liability), improve marketing and business intelligence, comply with legal requirements, increase security, and more. Read on for feature highlights and pricing information.


+ Call Recording: Enjoy a web-based user interface, industry-leading scalability, call search and playback, on-demand recording, look back, centralized multi-site recording and more—all integrated with your phone system.

+ Quality & Performance Monitoring: Improve service quality and performance with live monitoring, customized scorecards, and reporting.

+ Speech Analytics: Search voice content effortlessly and improve operational efficiency with advanced search options and easy call retrieval.

+ Compliance-Ready: Secure package complies with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, FIPS, FSA and more.