How Much $ Would Down time cost you?

Customer Experience | By Northland Communications Team

Simply put, downtime can leave your business unable to serve your customers and create two major problems:

  • Your customers cannot reach you (putting your reputation at risk)
  • Transactions cannot be made (costing your business money)

We know that how quickly our team can resolve service issues is top-of-mind for our customers—so we’ve made it something we’re really good at.

National providers can’t beat our response times.

Our network is alarmed and monitored by our local team 24/7, so we know the second there’s an outage and are often able to resolve it before our customers even know it’s occurred. In the event that we can’t, we dispatch our local technicians (based in Holland Patent and Syracuse) right away—no waiting on the availability of third parties.

 If you need to call us, you’ll get a real person on the phone every time.

If you’re currently working with a national provider, you’ve probably become well-versed in explaining your service issues to a robot, only to spend hours getting transferred around an overseas call center and days waiting for your issue to be resolved.

With Northland, when you call us, a real person answers the phone every time. No robots or overseas call centers. In most cases, our team is able to address your issue or request on the very first call. 

Our Service Level Agreement guarantees great service, or we credit you.  

A true business partnership is a two-way street, which is why we offer our customers a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Our SLA outlines minimum service-level metrics for our Internet such as service availability, network latency, packet loss, and jitter, which we, as the provider, are contractually obligated to maintain. If we don’t, our customers are credited.