MaX UC Chat + SMS

Customer Experience | By Northland Communications Team

MaX UC’s chat + SMS features go hand-in-hand! We covered how to utilize both in our webinar. Watch the recording below or read on for more details.


Many businesses seek-out a third-party software for internal instant messaging—but it’s all included with MaX UC! You can send instant messages to all contacts in your business group for quick collaboration, helping you save time and cut back on emails. Chat with one team member, create group chats, and easily uplift your chat messages to an audio call or instant video meeting. You can also send attachments and emojis with the click of a button! 


SMS, more commonly referred to as text messaging, allows users to send texts to external contacts’ mobile phones directly from their MaX UC client. The recipient will receive the message as a SMS text on their cellphone. When they reply to your message, you will receive it to your business phone number in the form of a MaX UC chat. This helps you keep all business correspondence in one place, plus protects your team members’ privacy by allowing them to conduct business solely using their business phone number. 

All Business Unlimited standard and premium users with MaX UC can now utilize MaX UC Chat and SMS features. If you’re interested in upgrading some or all of your licenses to Standard or Premium, click here to request a meeting with your Northland account rep!

The Customer Experience: Wireless Business Group

When COVID-19 hit, Wireless Business Group, a cellular management and customer service company based in Syracuse, turned to Northland to make sure their employees were equipped to work remotely and continue serving their customers.

Our company had several tools in place to help us work remotely—but what we didn’t have was our phone services ready,” said Sam Serianni, Owner. “Northland helped us pretty quickly get set-up on our [MaX UC] soft-phones to keep our business operating pretty much as usual!

Being a cloud-based solution, MaX UC users (even those using it free through June!) enjoy new features and enhancements with every software upgrade. Sam was particularly excited to hear about the new SMS feature.

This feature is definitely going to be used by our company. We have customers in 31 states and we help support their end-users. Part of our role is to communicate with those end-users [via text message]. We don’t ask our employees to use their cellular phone to text our customers, so this tool will allow our entire team to be able to communicate with end-users, said Sam.

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