Northland Communications Announces Business Simple and Ultimate WiFi+ for Businesses

Fiber Internet | By Northland Communications Team

Northland Communications Announces Business Simple and Ultimate WiFi+ for Businesses

An all-in-one Business Wi-Fi solution.

Northland Communications, a Central New York-based telecommunications provider, announced the addition of Ultimate WiFi+ to their Business Simple offering, an all-in-one purpose-built solution for small businesses. The Business Simple and Ultimate WiFi+ bundle goes beyond just internet and voice lines by offering an all-in-one managed Wi-Fi experience. It offers a new way for business owners to drive productivity by managing staff and business systems such as point-of-sale, securing their network, delivering guest Wi-Fi to customers, and easily managing it from an app.

“Our new Ultimate WiFi+ offering gives our local small business owners a seamless solution that frees them to focus on what matters most – their customers,” said Stephany VanDyke, product line manager at Northland Communications. “It is a robust solution that modernizes any network, saving our customers valuable time and money, and allows businesses to thrive with essential connectivity and business-grade features that promote their brand and keep their data and customers safe.”

Features and benefits of the Business Simple and Ultimate WiFi+ bundle include:

  • Fast fiber internet: with guaranteed 99.999% network resiliency and cellular backup capability
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi Networks: Set up and manage up to four Wi-Fi networks, each with its own security level and priority
  • Custom Wi-Fi Portal: take advantage of your Wi-Fi network by creating and customizing a landing page that will appear when customers connect. Display your brand, advertise your latest offers, and obtain valuable client data
  • LTE Failover + Network security: Business-grade network security for the point-of-sale, staff, and business networks. Stay protected from cyber threats, data breaches, and unauthorized access
  • Mobile app access: Our mobile app allows for easy network management and monitoring from anywhere

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