Telecom in Ten | Ten Questions | John MacLean | Technical Project Coordinator

Telecom in Ten | By Northland Communications Team

01. How long have you been working at Northland?

28 years

02. What is your favorite part of your job?

The ability to work with the customer, technician, IT vendor, and other vendors and pulling all those resources together for a great customer experience. 

03. Where are you originally from?

Dolgeville, NY

04. What is your favorite food?

Cube steak dipped in egg batter and flour with mashed potatoes and peas.

05. What is your favorite color?


06. What is your favorite sports team?

Green Bay Packers

07. What is your favorite movie?

The Patriot with Mel Gibson

08. What is your favorite holiday?


09. If you had a personal tagline, what would it be?

I live my life like this daily with this quote: “Good enough is not good enough if it can be better. And better is not good enough if it can be best.”

10. What is your favorite local sports team?

Dolgeville Blue Devils football team