Northland’s Proven Process

Customer Experience | By Northland Communications Team

Technology is one of the greatest investments you make in your business, which is why it’s so important to invest wisely. When you choose to do business with Northland, you aren’t just making a transaction—you’re forming a partnership. Your investment is not just in the physical technology, but in the team you’re trusting to support it and, ultimately, support your business.

One of the greatest testaments to this partnership is the relationship you form in the very beginning with our expert sales reps and engineers. Our sales process, or what we like to call our “proven process,” is the secret ingredient to our continued growth and the relationships with our customers that have spanned decades. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: We learn about your business.

Your designated Northland account rep will learn about your business—and we don’t just mean they’ll learn how many phone lines you need. They will:

+ Learn about how technology fits into your business operations and impacts your employees’ day-to-day routines.

+ Identify inefficiencies and challenges you face.

+ Understand your goals and where you would like to see your business improve and grow.

Step 2: We build a solution that will help you achieve your goals.

After we learn about your business and your goals, we build a solution with features and functionality that will make your employees more productive and your business run more smoothly.

Step 3: We share our recommendation, tying your needs to the solution.

Our recommendation has nothing to do with your former solution and everything to do with where you want to see your business grow.

Step 4: We begin our partnership.

Implementing your new solution is just the beginning. This is where your rep will introduce our project coordination, training and customer support teams, all of which will be major assets to your business moving forward!