Northland Communications Adds New Members to Marketing Team with a Focus on Enhancing the Customer Journey

About Us | By Northland Communications Team

Northland Communications, a Central New York-based telecommunications provider has added new members with a diverse set of skills and experience to its marketing team.

John Fazio began as Northland’s Marketing Manager, bringing over twenty years of experience and industry knowledge with him to lead the team. Fazio specializes in marketing and lead generation, predictive and data analytics, social media strategy, and email automation and segmentation. Moving forward, Fazio and the team will focus on optimizing Northland’s marketing strategy to deliver quality connections between Northland Communications, its customers, and its community.

Northland Communications is also pleased to announce the addition of Sarah Mattacola as Digital Content Specialist and Chelsey Mowers as Marketing Specialist.

Mattacola brings with her ten years of marketing experience in both the non-profit and for-profit landscapes, specializing in print and digital communications, as well as development and advertising. Mowers joins the Northland team with six years of experience in marketing, public relations, and broadcasting. She specializes in strategic communication, content creation, and media relations.

“We are incredibly excited to have our new marketing team established,” said Brian Healey, chief operating officer, Northland Communications. “The experience and complementary skill set that John, Chelsey, and Sarah bring to the table is exceptional. As more local businesses adapt to the ‘new normal’ and implement remote work, the telecommunications solutions and products that Northland Communications offers are becoming even more essential, and championing our values and services will be even more critical to our customers.”

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