Ethernet Services

Northland Communications - CNY's Best Business Ethernet Services Provider

As your business grows, so does your bandwidth and application needs. At Northland, our fiber network allows us to provide business Ethernet services over fiber to ensure fast and reliable Internet, data, voice and video communications. In other words, our Ethernet services enable support for all of the technologies that keep your business running.

This solution is ideal for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections while supporting multiple technologies from single circuit (data, voice, video). We can provide the most flexibility when choosing the speeds and features for data connectivity between 2 or more locations. Our business Ethernet over fiber solutions enable our customers to:

  • Transmit data faster and with fewer potential fail points
  • Ensure data security
  • Transmit data over greater distances
  • Scale networks up or down to meet their needs


PerformancePractically unlimited bandwidth potential based on the technology the customer selects. Based on standard protocol
Fast DeploymentDepending on location, Northland can establish business Ethernet services in 90 days and sometimes sooner
ReliabilityNorthland has local construction crews that quickly respond to issues and in many locations can provide multiple paths for redundancy
LocalNorthland has been dedicated to serving Central New York businesses since 1905. Our quick response teams are local and ready to help at a moment’s notice
ScalableAs your business bandwidth and application needs grow you can increase the availability of bandwidth

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