MPLS Service

Improve and enhance multi-location connections for your business

Northland MPLS service (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is designed for businesses with multiple locations in mind.

Through our fiber-optic network and network carriers, we provide our customers with the most complete and extensive options to build a multi-location network. It’s through our local expertise in designing, implementing and managing a multi-site network as well as the extensive options we offer for MPLS network connectivity that sets us apart from the rest.

Save money by making the switch to MPLS! 

Our MPLS service has the ability to eliminate or reduce costly private point-to-point T1 connections. By creating a cost-efficient network that consolidates private data, voice communications and Internet bandwidth will cut down on costs and save you money.

Businesses ideally suited for MPLS IP/VPN include those that:

  • Transfer private data between multiple locations
  • Have a need for convergence of private data, voice and Internet bandwidth on the same network involving multiple locations
  • Currently are using multiple point-to-point connections or the Internet to connect different locations together
  • Would like to outsource some or all of the management of their data network
  • Need secure data connectivity, achieved through proven, standards-driven MPLS architecture that meets regulatory requirements and protects your business
  • Would like a managed and monitored service with rapid technical response that ensures business continuity

If any of these apply to you, we can help. Northland provides MPLS internet through a variety of carriers and technology depending on your company’s costs and capacity needs. 

Problem Solution
Unreliable performance over the internet MPLS is private dedicated bandwidth with low latency. Traffic does not go over the internet. Quality of Service classes ensures that sensitive traffic like voice over IP is given priority over other types of traffic.
Costs and Complexity of managing multiple network connections  MPLS network has the potential to consolidate voice, Internet and private data onto a single managed network

MPLS Service Features & Benefits

Performance and Quality

Northland offers four traffic classes to transfer important data over a secure network. Choose the option that is perfect for your business.

Network Consolidation

By combining multiple telecom facets into one, Northland decreases telecom complexity. Customers then can focus on business activities rather than connectivity and security issues.

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