Unmatched Performance. Scalable. Reliable. Secure.

The most advanced telecommunications services and technology available for the financial industry.

By combining voice, data, phone systems, network, and cloud solutions you will increase your efficiency and ultimately, your bottom line.

In the world of finance, time is money. A slow and unreliable telecommunications system will hurt your business and impede your success. Let the financial services telecommunications experts at Northland Communications design a system that will work for you.

Advanced Fiber Network

Our advanced fiber network provides powerful bandwidth performance that is scalable to fit your specifications for your Internet or Wide Area Network (WAN) applications. With a standard Ethernet connection at your location, your business can upgrade quickly and easily. Immediate, secure transactions in real time are what will make you successful in your fast-paced industry. Our experts can recommend the best services and products to set you apart from your competition.

Business Continuity

Northland Communications specializes in regional, and national connectivity by offering the latest technology to propel your business forward. Our fiber network is not only fast but also highly reliable – a connection you can count on. Just ask Tim Reilly, VP of REM Fire Systems. Fiber optics drives all of our services and offer secure and robust voice, data, and equipment solutions to improve your efficiency and storage options while adhering to new regulations and financial industry governance.

Network Redundancy Matters

Today, customers expect to access information immediately and perform online transactions effortlessly, which means your business must provide protected continuous access. At Northland Communications, we provide highly secure and reliable services designed with redundancy to ensure stellar performance and constant accessibility.


We have years of experience working with financial regulators to ensure compliance across many facets of the industry. This is just another step Northland takes to better serve our loyal customers.

When you don’t have an effective telecommunications plan in the financial industry, you lose current business and future earnings easily. Don’t give your competition any advantages. Contact Northland Communications today to discuss your future success.