Dedicated Fiber Internet: What It Means & Why It’s Better.

Written By: Marissa Filletti, Marketing Specialist 


If you’ve ever had the opportunity to talk with a member of our sales team, chances are you’ve heard that Northland offers our customers a “dedicated” fiber Internet connection—but what does that actually mean? And what makes it so great?

If you’re currently working with a national provider, you’re likely sharing Internet bandwidth with your neighbors. While you may not notice the cons of a shared connection from home, connection performance is more likely to degrade in a business setting during “peak” usage times or normal business hours. This can lead to slower upload/download speeds, compromised video conferencing, and underperforming websites. Northland’s fiber-optic and voice lines run directly from our datacenters, across the telephone pole, and into your business. The connection you’re paying for is yours and yours only.














And the perks of having a dedicated fiber connection don’t end there:

It’s the fastest connection you can get and it’s always getting faster.

Fiber-optic technology is the industry standard for delivering high-speed internet. Northland offers a range of dedicated bandwidth options designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Pay close attention to the upload/download speeds that you’re promised by national providers. Often times on a shared connection, you’re getting “up to” those speeds. With Northland, you’ll always get what you pay for and you’ll only pay for what you actually need.

The best part? Our network is always getting faster and you’ll continue to get faster with us. Since we offer a direct connection, our bandwidth is not as constrained as that of national carriers, making it much easier for us to offer our customers higher bandwidth speeds as they become available.


 It’s more reliable. You’ll rarely, if ever, experience downtime.

 If there’s one thing we don’t have a shortage of here in Central New York, it’s weather. Luckily, fiber-optic cables are weather resistant, meaning they’re less likely to be affected by inclement weather than their copper and coaxial counterparts. Comparably, fiber is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI), or interference caused by close proximity of heavy machinery or really any source of electrical power. Optical fiber does not oxidize, corrode or easily break, making it the most reliable material for telecommunication networks.

Taking Reliability to The Next Level

While you may need to contact your national provider about an outage, Northland is often able to resolve outages before our customers even know they’ve occurred. Being a locally-owned business, we understand the implications that service interruptions can have on a business. Loss of connectivity can mean money out of your pocket. Simply put, national providers cannot beat Northland’s response times. Our 24/7 local support team will keep you connected, so you can focus on running your business. Plus, in the event that you do need to call us, a real person will answer the phone every time. No call queues or 1-800 numbers.


There won’t be any surprises on your bill. We offer competitive, flat-rate pricing.

Did you get into a contract with a national provider on a promotional rate? You’re not alone and all good things come to an end. When you are in a month-to-month contract, the provider can really do whatever they want, including raise your rates. At Northland, we don’t offer promotional rates and we don’t have a month-to-month relationship with our customers. We have a partnership and our contracts go both ways. Our agreement guarantees that your rates won’t go up while under contract. The price that we quote is the price that you pay…no surprises.



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